• Project Development Policies


At project start up we define a project name and goals then determine project team and responsible engineer defined at a broad level during this phase. Depending on the nature of the project, feasibility studies are conducted, requirement gathering, and analysis are performed in this phase.

Monitoring & analyzing

At this phase of the project, we study and analyze problems and obstacles to carrying out the required works and devising solutions to them. Then work out the implementation schedule and take into consideration dealing with any consequences that may arise during the implementation process until there is a preconceived view


It is during this phase that a project management plan is developed all comprehensive of individual plans for cost, scope, time,quality, communication, risk and resources. then we starts our activities that as development of schedule, milestone charts, estimating and reserving resources,planning dates and modes of communication with stakeholders based on milestones, deadlines and important deliveries


n this phase the project deliverable is developed and completed, adhering to the plan as developed in the previous phase. During the implementation process, the engineer in charge of the project and the work team will deliver reports about the development of the business to the client andthe stakeholders of the project to follow up the Implementation progress


This phase mostly deals with measuring the project performance and making some tests to all used hardware devices .Scope verification and monitor for scope creep, change control to track and manage changes to project requirement, calculating key performance indicators for cost and time are to measure the degree of variation if any and in which case corrective measures are determined and suggested to keep project on track


A project is formally closed in this phase. It includes a series of important tasks such as making the delivery, relieving resources, Carry out an evaluation of the project's output performance and ensure that the project goals are efficiently achieved. Then delivery to the technical support and after-sales services department